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the decollete is the upper chest, upper torso, back, and shoulders

When you take a look at the names of the different neck creams we review on this site there's a certain word that you may see in the titles of a lot of the products, and that is "decollete".

It's not an often used word in conversation. You see it a lot in anti-aging skin care products that pertain to treating the skin in the neck area. But what does it mean?

What is The Decollete Area?

Décolleté (I'll use the Americanized spelling without accent marks throughout this page) comes from a French word that means for a woman to wear a low-neck dress. There is also the variation décolletage which means the style of dress and accessories that decorate the upper chest area of a woman.

In simplest terms, the decollete area is the upper part of a woman's torso, which includes the neck, shoulders, back, and upper chest area. While that definition, and how it is meant in terms of skin care products, refers to the part of the woman's body, more commonly the definition refers to the style of neckline on clothing that is low-cut as to reveal cleavage.

So when you see a product like the Lamarosa Natural Neck and Decollete Rejuvenating Cream review on our site, it means that the product is meant not only for the neck itself (to treat skin issues like a turkey gobbler neck, resulting from wrinkles and sagginess in the skin) but also to be used on the upper chest and surrounding areas.

Researching more into the history and etymology of the word decollete, it is said that in Western countries the style has varied, but is mostly seen as an expression of feminity and regarded as aesthetic. However, in other parts of the world that are more conservative, a neckline like that of a decollete is seen as too provocative and shocking.

Personally, we think that the use of a decollete style of clothing, and how much it should show, is up to everyone's own individual opinion and taste, and it can vary by context. One famous incident in the news over recent years came about when the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, created some controversy when she wore a low-cut evening gown to the opening of an opera house in Europe.

So while the dictionary definition refers to clothing, in the skin care industry it has become quite interchangeable with the part of the woman's body that is revealed by the dress style. When you see a product name like the Murad Rejuvenating Lift for Neck and Decollete, it's much easier to just use that word rather than fitting all of "upper torso, chest, back, shoulders" onto the label and has become an acceptable use of the word.

If you've ever picked up a skin care product that is meant for the decollete area, and wondered to yourself "What is that? Do I have that?", hopefully this article has helped clear up any questions.

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