What is the Argireline Peptide?

By Admin / June 6, 2017

This is perhaps the top anti wrinkle ingredient you could have in ANY anti aging product.  Made by LipoTec, this was made famous by none other than Dr. Oz.

A research was done by the producers of Argireline on a faction of female volunteers. A balm that contained 5% Argireline was used by the assistants for a month and after 15 days of continuous use, 17% of lines around their eyes were reduced. The wrinkles were lessened by 27% at the end of the month. In the International magazine of Cosmetic Science, another investigation was carried out and it was stated that Argireline helps reduce dynamic wrinkles by 30% in only 30 days of continuous use. The issue with Argireline is whether it penetrates strongly enough beneath the skin to prevent muscle contractions. As you have less control over where the active ingredient goes with a balm or a cream and how deeply is penetrates. With an injection treatment like Botox, this usually is not a problem.

How Does Argireline Work?

The concentration of Argireline used does not have any negative effects whether it is a high dose or not. One big advantage of Argireline is that it is non-painful, non-invasive and less expensive as compared to Botox treatment. Argireline is 100% safe and is orally non-toxic. Even at high doses, it does not cause any skin irritation. It can be safely and easily used at home. Though, it may not have an effect on Static wrinkles but they can help reduce the formation of new wrinkles by keeping the facial muscles from contracting a lot. Skin wrinkles are basically caused, when you repeatedly make a facial expression.

If you are way too conscious about yourself and want to gain a more youthful appearance, then this can be the most convenient and affordable way to prevent wrinkles. As to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, not everyone would choose plastic surgery even if they can afford the price as it can be a risk sometimes. The skin care industry has been creating many products with Argireline an essential ingredient and can be easily used at home for the treatment of wrinkles. Argireline is a cream that is designed to work in almost the same way as Botox. The main difference is that Argireline is applied directly to the skin as a serum or cream while Botox is injected by a doctor.

The Argireline cream is quite effective and you can experience as much as a 30% of reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. Argireline can help smooth out fine lines that appear with aging. It is worth a try for anyone trying to get rid of dynamic wrinkles.

You’ll find Argireline in this firming product, as well as many of the other best selling neck creams.  Look for it on the label as “Acetyle Hexapeptide 8.”  That’s the INCI name.

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