What is a Decollete Massage?

By Admin / May 4, 2017
a massage of the decollete area

Often when you look for anti-aging neck creams, you see a lot of the products named as being for the “neck and decollete” area.

If you’re wondering what the word decollete means, click that link as we cover that in another post in full, but basically it refers to the upper chest, upper torso, back, and shoulders area. By definition, decollete means a low-cut dress style on a woman as to show cleavage, but when it comes to skin care it means the area of the woman’s body as described above.

While many people are using topical products to get rid of neck wrinkles and sagginess in the skin in this area of the body, others are taking it even further with what is called a decollete massage.

What’s a Decollete Massage?

It’s pretty common sense, as it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a massaging of the upper chest, neck, shoulders and head area as to release stiffness and tension in the skin and underlying muscles in this area. Tension from this area is one of the causes of migraine headaches, so this method of relaxation is a favorite of individuals who are prone to that issue.

a massage of the decollete area

Another benefit is that it relaxes the shoulders and improves the mobility of the cervical vertebrae, so beyond just having an effect on the muscles and skin it also has chiropractic benefits.

Massaging the upper chest and neck area also increases drainage of the lymphatic pathways, which helps to get rid of waste in that area of the body and increases blood flow. Additionally, it can be helpful for those with breathing difficulties as it opens up the airways and pathways.

Recipients of a decollete and neck massage also experience increased blood flow to the facial area, as well as a higher saturation ratio of oxygen in the blood in the face. This results in many changes to the face, with the cheek and jaw areas becoming slimmer as well as a reduction of dark circles under the eyes. You may also see a reduction in swelling and sagginess of the skin in the facial area due to the increased, oxygen-rich blood flow. All of these will help you look younger in the face.

For an example of what a decollete massage looks like, we recommend this video:

If you are interested in getting a massage in the decollete area, you can find this service available at many of the salons or massage parlors that are in your area. We recommend you call ahead and find someone who specializes in this type of massage to get the most experienced, beneficial treatment.

So if you’ve been curious if there are any other treatments beyond products like the Lamarosa Natural Neck and Decollete Rejuvenating Cream, there are options beyond topical skin care applications such as this kind of massage. The benefits are numerous for your overall health and a rejuvenated appearance, and it is a treatment that we highly recommend on top of your daily skin care routine.

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