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Origins Plantscription™ Powerful Lifting Neck & Décolleté Treatment Review

The skincare industry is going through a revolution similar to that seen in the health food field. Scientists are discovering the many beautiful and health giving properties of plants and are using them for human benefit, treating ailments and fighting infection inside and out.

Some of their properties have merely been forgotten by westerners while others are familiar to people in other cultures. A number of benefits are being newly explored. Origins brings the skincare secrets of rare plants to consumers around the world with their Plantscription series.

Plantscription™ Powerful Lifting Neck & Décolleté Treatment

Origins Plantscription


Effects from using the anti-aging skincare series from Origins known as Plantscription are powerful enough to take the place of painful and expensive cosmetic procedures. No prescription is required; just a bit of time, some commitment to ongoing healthy skin, and income put aside for treating yourself to smoother, suppler skin.

This Plantscription product is quite specifically targeted at the area around your neck including that wattle or double chin that came out of nowhere. If you have not been over-indulging in fatty food or alcohol and this is not a result of weight gain, where did that extra skin come from?

Scientists will say that it’s in your DNA; a quirk of genetics which determines some people grow old with firm skin in this area and others develop extra folds regardless of lifestyle choices.

Everyone loses suppleness in their skin as they grow older, a fact they can see all over their bodies but which is most bothersome and embarrassing around the face. Until science uncovered the secret elements of plants, they would have dealt with this problem surgically.

Now, they help clients regain their natural lift. Every company seems to have discovered their own unique formulae to fight aging in certain areas such as cheeks, eyes, and neck.

Replacing the Lift

Origins Plantscription™ is made with many ingredients but the most important, active ones are Anogeissus, Arabica Seed, Crithmum, and Bamboo extracts. Anogeissus of Africa is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory behavior. Arabica seed adds elasticity to skin and is also an antioxidant. Crithmum tones and conditions skin. Bamboo extracts strengthen and heal where there has been injury or disease such as cancer or sun damage.

Between them these products and the other ingredients found in Origins anti-aging formula will help you regain the bright, firm skin you used to have with visibly reduced signs of discoloration.

More about Plantscription™

Origins uses rare plants in an environmentally friendly way to bring the best of science and health care to the area of your body people see most: your face. It’s part of your first impression; a source of confidence or discomfort.

When a woman gets older, aging takes its toll, more on some than on others, and this can be damaging to self-esteem. Often, those signs of getting older would not have been there had you known about the dangers of sun exposure or if you had been able to fight skin diseases with serums like those made by Origins.

With their Plantscriptions series, Origins helps you get your glow back. Regain formerly firm skin with this and related products such as Anti-Aging Power Serum, Anti-Aging Power Eye Cream, and others. The Power Serum has had over 90 reviews which show that customers are almost 100% satisfied with the results. The neck and décolleté serum is off to a good start with consumers too.

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