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Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift™ Neck Crème

This is not a serum, a gel, a potion, or a cream: the product described below is a crème. This makes it sound more exotic, effective, and expensive. Actually, although Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift™ Neck Crème is a pricey product, their price tag is nothing compared with a lot of the other products in this category.

You could pay twice that or even more for some boutique products so Ole Henriksen is keeping things real in a huge and profitable industry, helping real women defy the signs of aging, or at least try to defy them.

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Neck Creme

Does It Work?

If you read the most recent reviews on the Ole Henriksen website, then, yes: the news is good. Women are reporting great results. Only the occasional bad review taints their joy at reclaiming youthfully toned and hydrated skin in the area this product is targeted for. Sometimes allergies are a problem and some women’s skin just doesn’t respond as they would like. Let’s take a closer look at what Ultimate Lift™ Neck Crème is for and what it is made of.

How to Use the Crème

Your cosmetic cabinet is no doubt full of stuff like creams for under the eyes, around your lips, cheeks, hands, and feet. Add another body part to your collection with this Ole Henriksen crème blended for your neck and décolleté and its challenges specifically. Apply it to your jawline and neck only where it will do most good. The formula was specifically developed to tackle the problems women experience in this area after the age of 40.

Neck Problems

We’re not talking about pinched nerves and sore muscles but loosening, drooping, dry skin that has lost plumpness. It is dehydrated and has succumbed to age. Without body or moisture, this area sags but also looks papery and blotchy.

It becomes dry and itchy, in need of lifting, but who wants to go through plastic surgery in order to achieve a new look? That would be more painful, time consuming, and expensive than a $48 tub of cream or, better yet, crème.

Ingredients for Anti-Aging

Ole Henriksen and all the other cosmetic companies selling anti-aging products use different formulae to achieve similar results, so customers can’t say that one cream is much like another. This one is made from copper tripeptides which are amino acids responsible for cellular repair and development.

Other ingredients are trademarked like Toniskin™, Osilift™, and Derm SRC™. The first of these contains yeast extract which tones and brightens skin. With Osilift, made using algae and oat extracts, consumers should expect to enjoy a lifted appearance.

Derm SRC employs bamboo-pea extract to soften skin, making it smoother and reducing the appearance of lines. Your skin will feel generally plumper, fuller, and more hydrated which is visibly healthier, younger, and brighter.

Other less exciting ingredients typically turn up in anti-aging and other creams such as plain old water (aqua as they call it in the biz), Polysorbate 60, glycerin, and Shea butter.

How to Use Your Crème

Ole Henriksen recommends applying this lifting, toning crème every day in the morning and the evening. It should be worked into the skin moving upwards with a gentle massaging motion which will not only effectively work it into your skin but also feel really good at the same time.

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