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Neck Wrinkles

photo of wrinkles in the neck area

We all hate getting older. Our weight goes up, our energy goes down, and our skin gets wrinkled. While some of us are afflicted by wrinkles more than others, it’s an inevitability for all of us. For some of us, it arrives faster because of more time spent in the sun, bad habits such as smoking cigarettes or a poor diet, or living in a more polluted area. For all of us, aging takes its toll and leads to loose skin.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the skin on the neck and face. You’ve all seen it before, the unsightly skin issue known as a “turkey neck” because it looks like a turkey gobbler. Some of us get it in vertical lines and folds in the skin, while for other they are horizontal. Regardless of the cause or appearance of the wrinkles, nobody wants to be seen with them.

Wrinkles in the Neck Area

wrinkled neck before and after

There are many ways to eradicate this issue of the skin in the neck area. As you can see above in the before and after pictures, they do not have to be a permanent blemish. One of the ways is to do exercises that strengthen the muscles in the neck area. Weakened muscles can lead to less support at the skin’s surface and cause less tension in the skin.

By doing stretching and toning exercises in the neck area, you can restore the strength to the neck muscles and bring back a more taut appearance in the skin in the neck area.

photo of wrinkles in the neck area

Another way to get rid of these lines and creases in the neck is to use a topical cream such as the Neck Firming Cream from SkinPro. You can find it online at Amazon and is highly reviewed there (as well as on this site) as one of the strongest anti-aging products on the market.

With its formulation made up of some of the most potent active ingredients in the skin care industry, this cream can bring back a more youthful appearance to the neck. Collagen-boosting properties help plump up the skin cells, making them fuller and more robust, lessening the folds that form at the skin’s surface.

Outside of topical treatments, you can also get Botox or neurotoxin injections to get rid of neck wrinkles, as seen in the photo below.

treating neck wrinkles with botox injections

Injections work by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that are underneath the wrinkled area. It has become so popular that more than 6 million such treatments are performed annually. However, it does have its drawbacks. For one, it is much more expensive than buying a neck cream, and obviously more expensive than doing exercises (which costs you nothing). The results are only temporary, leading to continued treatments and more money spent, and it is important to find a trusted doctor to administer the injections.

As you can see, while wrinkles in the neck are inevitable, they don’t have to be permanent. There are many ways you can treat this skin issue and restore your youthful appearance.