How Your Neck is Connected to Your Ears

By Admin / August 7, 2017

While we talk about topical creams for the skin on the neck on this site, we are also believers in total wellness for the whole body. It’s crazy how interconnected the body is, how an adjustment in one area can have benefits to other areas that you wouldn’t think.

Today we are going to look at how the health of your neck is connected to your ears and why it’s important to keep everything working in proper shape.

How Neck Health Affects Ears

The pressure in your ears is regulated by the Eustachian tubes. These canals adjust to relieve pressure in the ear as a result of the external environment. Think about when you’re on an airplane and your ears suddenly feel like they’re plugged. It’s as if you’re wearing earplugs and more advanced noise-canceling headphones, even when you’re not.

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You all know how to relieve that pressure, right? You open your mouth and force yourself to yawn. That usually leads to a little pop in your ears and the opening of the canal again.

When you have congestion in your throat or neck, the windpipe is pinched and you aren’t able to relieve the pressure as easily. The good thing is there are neck exercises you can do to relieve this pressure on the ear canal.

One thing you can do is called a neck extension. This will help increase the range of motion in the neck as well as reduce the pressure in your ears. To do this, sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor and keep your arms at your sides. Place your right hand underneath your chin and your left hand at the back of your neck on the base of the skull. With your left hand, put light pressure to the back of your head. Then try to resist this pressure by keeping your head in the same position.

Another exercise you can do is a neck rotation which reduces tension in the ear canal and relaxes the neck muscles. Again, sit up straight with your feet flat and arms at your side. Slowly turn your head to your right, until it is parallel with your right shoulder. Return to the center position, and then do the same to your left side. Continue doing this until you have reached fatigue. You can increase the intensity of this by putting your hand on the side of your head and applying resistance.

With these two exercises, you are increasing the range of motion and relaxing the muscles so all of the airways and canals from your neck to your ear are cleared. Try them out next time you feel some pressure in your ear!

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