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By Admin / April 11, 2018

Tired of seeing all those women with luscious looking brows? Some women are lucky enough to be naturally endowed when it comes to eye brows while rest of the population of the world has to deal with uneven ugly brows.

Where to Get Microblading Procedures in Vegas

Brows play a huge part in your overall look and if you have brows that are missing a quite a few hairs here and there, you know what we are talking about. These kind of eyebrows literally make you look bad in front of everyone, which is why you have no choice but to resort to hundreds of different cosmetic products to make sure that your brows look fuller and healthy every day in the morning. Working on your brows is a tedious process and if you are tired of doing it every single day, it is time to move to something new.

Did you know that a process known as microblading can give you semi-permanent eye brows exactly the way you want them to be? Microblading is a hugely popular process in which a makeup artist adds a semi-permanent tattoo on your brows to make them look fuller and beautiful and if you are in Las Vegas you are in luck because Microblading in Las Vegas is as best as it can get.

For those of you who are still hesitant to go through microblading because someone told you a certain knife and cuts on your brows is involved in the process, we urge you to ignore those myths and start researching a bit.

The knife people talk about is actually a clever little tool that makeup artist uses to apply the tattoo on your brows. Yes cuts are involved but these are in micro in nature which means you won’t even feel any pain at all.

For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with the process, it starts by discussing what you want with the tattooist. The tattooist then uses the small tool we mentioned above to make very tiny cuts around your brows to add a special pigment that allows the growth of new hair around the brows. Once this pigment has settled in, you will have the brows of your dream and you will never have to apply any make up at all because these semi-permanent tattoos stay with you for up to three years. Just make sure you do not wet your brows for the first week.

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