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Mario Badescu Vitamin A-D-E

mario badescu neck cream

If you are suffering from unsightly wrinkles and folds in the skin on your neck, what they called the dreaded “turkey gobbler neck“, there are a lot of options out there. If you have the money to spend, you can splurge on products like the La Prairie Neck Cream or others. But a lot of us are on a budget and not willing to spend over $100 on a skin care product, so we seek lower priced options.

That’s where a product like the Vitamin A-D-E Neck Cream from Mario Badescu comes in. Available online for as low as $20, you can hydrate and fortify the skin on your neck without breaking the bank. But at such a low cost, does it really work? We take an in-depth look in our review below.

mario badescu neck cream

Review of Mario Badescu Vitamin A-D-E Neck Cream

When you read the price of this product, and compare it to what else is offered on the market and how high they are priced, you would be right to be skeptical of the results it promises. This is an anti-aging cream that is fortified to hydrate and firm the delicate skin in the neck area. It does this with its rich ingredient list, chock full of (as evident by the product name) Vitamins A, D, and E as well as hyaluronic acid. All of these ingredients contribute to revitalize the skin and restore moisture in this tender area.

As we age, our skin dries out. When this happens, it loses its elasticity and strength and begins to droop and sag, leading to deep wrinkles at the skin’s surface. By restoring moisture to the skin you can plump up the cell structure of the skin and smooth out the wrinkles, as well as bring back overall health and shine. The result is a more youthful appearance and no more embarrassing hanging skin on your neck.

What Customers are Saying

We admit we were skeptical at a product priced so low, so we took around the internet at what real users of Mario Badescu were saying about their experience with this product. We were pleasantly surprised to see many customers say that they believe this brand is undervalued and they’ve been using it for years, having no intention to ever switch to another neck cream product.

They say that the product has a thickness to it, but it still is rubbed on and absorbed into the skin smoothly. Sometimes when products have a thick formulation to them, they can be pretty clumpy and not easily spread across the skin, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this one.

On top of all that, the packaging for this product looks nice, much more than we’d expect from something at this price point, and will surely keep the product safe and fresh for quite a while.

If you’re looking for a less expensive entry into buying a neck cream to solve your unsightly skin, the Mario Badescu Vitamin A-D-E Neck Cream is a solid choice and worth looking at.

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