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Laser for Neck Wrinkles

treating neck wrinkle with ultherapy

There are many ways to get rid of the wrinkles on your neck, and while this site is dedicated primarily to neck creams, we go out of our way to discuss all of your options on this site.

The solutions to eliminating wrinkles on the neck vary from basic things like home remedies for neck wrinkles or doing exercises to strengthen the muscles under your neck.

The primary way to cure this skin issues is through the use of topical creams, and we review many of the top neck cream products on this site.

The above-listed options are easy to perform or apply and non-invasive. These methods work for most and are agreeable to most, but there’s a certain portion of the population that elects to go with more invasive methods to get rid of their wrinkles. For some, it is botox injections to get rid of loose skin.

Beyond that, there is an even more high-tech way for treatment in the form of laser therapy. We’ll discuss this method in our article below.

Get Rid of Neck Wrinkling With Lasers

In our research, we found two different main types of laser therapy for the treatment of loose, saggy skin in the neck area.

The first is called ultherapy. Ultherapy gets its name from using ultrasound energy (“ultrasound therapy”) to lift and tighten the skin naturally.

treating neck wrinkle with ultherapy

A patient undergoing ultherapy.

Ultrasound has been used for over 50 years in the medical field and has been deemed clinically safe for use on patients.  It works by penetrating deep into the skin’s layers and boosting collagen production at the skin’s innermost levels. The increased production of collagen helps firm and plump the skin’s cells, filling in gaps at the skin’s surface.

Another feature of ultherapy is the use of ultrasound imaging, which allows the practitioner to see the layers of the skin tissue that they are treating and enable them to pinpoint the spot to deliver the laser where it will provide the most benefit.

The biggest advantage of this laser procedure, as opposed to the other kind we will discuss next, is that there is no disturbance to the skin’s surface. There are no visible irritations or blemishes as all of the treatment is taking place deep in the skin’s layers.

The other kind of laser treatment for wrinkles in the neck area is called Fractional CO2 Laser Therapy. This method is much more invasive than the ultherapy and the process and risks should be heavily considered before going through this kind of treatment.

We found a blogger here that discusses her experience with fractional CO2 laser therapy, and the pictures are not for the squeamish. The laser in this process is ablative, meaning it wounds the skin. It works by vaporizing the top layer of the skin and promotes the growth of new, fresh layers in its place that will restore a younger look to your skin and getting rid of wrinkles at the skin’s surface.

As you can imagine, this kind of harsh treatment on the skin’s surface can leave some real nasty effects after the procedure, and we encourage you to take a look at the blog linked to above to see the weeks-long healing process that the author went through.

Months after the treatment, there is quite a considerable difference in the depth of the wrinkles, but personally we’re not sure we could tolerate the long recovery with flaky, peeling, burning skin and unsightly appearance and other risks that accompany this procedure.

In Conclusion

If you’re not a believer in the effectiveness of a wrinkle cream or home redemy for neck wrinkles, and want to go with something a little more high tech, there are options for you. As stated above, we believe ultherapy can be an effective way to treat these creases in the skin, but would avoid trying fractional CO2 therapy.