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La Prairie Review

la prairie neck cream

When you are looking to buy a neck cream, there are a lot of options (including home remedies for neck wrinkles) and a lot of opinions. Some think that you should just use a firming cream that is used for the face in your neck area, but sometimes they are not strong enough to penetrate the wrinkles on your neck, as they are formulated for the sensitive skin on your face.

This is where products like the neck cream from La Prairie comes in. Made in Switzerland, this skin care product is formulated to handle the toughest and deepest wrinkles that reside in the neck area and get rid of that dreaded “turkey gobbler” neck once and for all. But does it really work as claimed? We take a further look in our review below.

la prairie neck cream

Review of La Prairie Anti Aging Neck Cream

If you look at the website description of La Prairie’s neck cream, this product is purported to defy the aging of the skin by using their own proprietary cellular firming complex. As told above, the skin on your neck is different from the skin on your face and takes a stronger compound to get rid of the wrinkles. For one, there is a lack of bone structure under the skin on your neck, so the skin in that area can become loose and sag and wrinkle much earlier.

This product was made to tighten and firm the skin in this area, similar to what botox does. Once you start using the La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream, you won’t see immediate results but after continued use for a month or longer you will begin to feel the tautness restored to the skin in this area and the restoration of a more youthful appearance.

How does it do it? The answer is in the formulation. The team at La Prairie spent years in research and development to find the most potent active ingredients to treat the toughest wrinkles. This product is packed with peptides and enriching ingredients that hydrate the skin. By hydrating the skin, the cells are much more plump and supple and give a boosting effect, smoothing out wrinkles at the skin’s surface. It also has anti-pigmentation ingredients that help rid the skin of age spots and other unsightly discolorations.

What Customers are Saying

We took a look at other reviews online and the biggest takeaway from customers is the ease of use. They say that it is very easy to apply and absorbs smoothly and evenly into the skin. The packaging is commented on as keeping the product fresh for a long time, as well as quite elegant looking. However, with all the wonders that this does for your skin, and how attractive the packaging looks, of course it doesn’t come cheap and many customers feel the price of this product is too expensive (at the time of this writing, it is over $120 on Amazon).

If you have the ailments that this product solves and are willing to fork over that kind of money, by all means give this product a try. However, we find that there are lower priced option on the market such as the Estee Lauder Resilience Lift, that may be more worth looking at.

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