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How to Look Younger in the Face

use an eye cream to reduce wrinkles on the face

Our skin really shows it as we begin to age. Nowhere is that more noticeable than in the facial area. The skin on your face is thinner than anywhere else on the body, and as time progresses our skin becomes weaker and weaker. This is due to repetitive use of the muscles under the skin here, which is activated every time we blink, squint, smile, talk, chew, basically every movement of the face. It can also be caused by external factors such as pollution in the air and exposure to sunlight, as well as dietary habits such as not getting enough water. Tobacco use can also have an effect, drying out the skin.

how to bring back a more youthful appearance in the face

All these factors add up the degradation of the health of the skin on our face, and it manifests itself in unsightly blemishes and loose, wrinkled skin. Around the eyes these wrinkles are called “crow’s feet” and they also form as expression lines around the mouth, jaw, and cheekbone area. However, there are ways to eradicate these problems and prevent future outbreaks.

One of the first thing you can do is change your lifestyle or better skin, like we talk about in this page about home remedies for neck wrinkles. You are what you eat, so putting healthy foods in your body will do wonders for how your skin looks. Be sure to eat good foods, fruits and vegetables, and make sure to drink plenty of water. Water is essential for keeping the body hydrated, which helps in all the body’s processes and promotes healthy skin cell production. Without enough water, your skin dries out and cracks and begins to wrinkle.

use an eye cream to reduce wrinkles on the face

If it’s too late and wrinkles have begun to show already, you can invest in a wrinkle cream like the ones we review on this site. These creams are packed with antioxidants, peptides and other anti-aging ingredients to nourish the skin, restoring moisture, tightening the skin and getting rid of wrinkles. Be sure to look for one with the top active ingredients, and consult your dermatologist for a product that best matches your skin issues and skin type.

Another way to look younger in the face is to follow a strict daily skin care routine. Before bed, always be sure to wash your face. This should include starting off with a facial cleanser to remove all the dirt that has collected on your skin throughout the day, as well as flush out the pores that may be clogged. Follow it up with a moisturizing cream to lock in the hydration. For best results, follow that up with an eye serum or eye cream, similar to the neck creams that are mentioned earlier.

Lastly, there are exercises for face and neck wrinkles that you can perform that can tighten the skin and lessen the depth of creases and lines. These can be done at any time and don’t take much time out of your day. After a few weeks of consistent practice of these exercises you should see visible results.

While we can’t beat Father Time, there are many ways that we can take care of our skin to keep it looking younger. Follow the above steps and you’ll be on to a more youthful appearance no time.