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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Neck Skin

Aging is something that most people fear, and nowhere is your older age more apparent than in the skin on your face and neck. The skin weakens due to years of wear and tear, usage from talking/chewing/smiling/etc., damage from outside elements like the sun and pollutants, and just general deterioration from the passage of time.

This manifests itself in the neck area with what is known as a “turkey neck” for its resemblance to that of a turkey gobbler. The skin becomes loose and saggy, leading to wrinkles and folds all over the neck area. Nobody wants that, but luckily there are ways to get rid of all that unwanted excess skin.

unwanted skin on the neck

Getting Rid of Extra Skin on the Neck

As it is the theme of this site you are reading, our recommended method is to use a neck cream that firms up the skin and restores tautness. There are many different kinds to choose from, and the one that is best suited for you is dependent on your budget as well as any ingredients that you may be sensitive to.

Our top recommendation when it comes to getting rid of the saggy skin on your neck is the Neck Firming Cream from SkinPro, reviewed here. It is full of anti-aging ingredients that are highly recommended by skin care experts, such as Argirelene, Retinol, Squalane, Matrixyl 3000 and Marine Collagen. These ingredients work in conjunction in the formulation to become the strongest topical skin care product when it comes to reversing wrinkles due to excess skin in the neck area.

Top Neck Firming Cream 2017

If topical creams are not your thing, there are more invasive ways to treat this skin issue that cost more and carry a bit of risk. Neck skin removal, which is similar to a face lift, is a surgical method for ridding of the extra skin that folds and creases in the neck area.

This is performed by creating small incisions in the ear area and the skin is pulled up tighter and sewn back together. When the surgery is performed well, this is one area of facial rejuvenation that can lead to a natural look, as if no work has been done. The most important part is finding an experienced, trusted surgeon who has performed this operation before and knows what they are doing.

There are also other high-tech options such as botox, which is injections in the skin that stimulates the underlying muscle. Just as much as wrinkles form from a weakening of the skin, they are also caused by a weakening of the muscles underneath it. Botox injections can help in that respect, though the results are temporary.

Another way is through laser treatments for neck wrinkles, the most common and popular these days is ultherapy. In this procedure, ultrasound vibrations are sent by laser to the deepest layers of the skin. New skin cell growth is promoted, which gradually works outward and replaces the unhealthy skin at the surface. A more youthful appearance is gained after the stimulated cells reach the epidermis.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to resolve this skin issue, and it all depends on what kinds of treatments you are comfortable with as well as your budget. We have many resources on this site to help you find the remedy that is perfect for you.