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Exercises for Neck Wrinkles

exercises to firm neck wrinkles

When you get that dreaded “turkey gobbler” neck, that’s a sure sign of aging in your skin. This always seems to become most prominent in the neck and face area – unfortunately, the very place where our eyes are focused when interacting with one another.

However, we don’t have to live with that saggy, loose skin on our necks as there are a number of ways we can combat it. As written about elsewhere on this site, there a number of lifestyle changes and home remedies to get rid of neck wrinkles.

You can also buy a neck cream such as Clarins and others that are reviewed on this site. These creams range from budget-friendly to more expensive options, and the efficacy of each differs, but the key is to use them consistently over a long term to see the best results.

If you want to go to the most extreme (and expensive) method, there is always the option of botox for neck wrinkles if you are comfortable with those kinds of treatments.

Exercises to Reduce Neck Wrinkles

If none of those interest you, here’s some exercises you can do at home that can firm up the skin under your neck and smooth out the wrinkles that are making you much older than your age.

The first exercise, seen in the video above, is called The Brush. It involves tipping your head back and applying pressure around the neck area with a closed fist. This exercise strengthens and tightens the muscles in the neck, which have become weak and loose due to aging and our external environment. The massaging of this area can help boost collagen production in the skin which helps to plump up skin cells and form a stronger attachment between the skin and muscle, leading to a firmer epidermis which eliminates loose skin that reveals itself as wrinkles

This exercise will not work magically overnight, but consistent performance of this as part of your routine for a few weeks will lead to noticeable results.

Another exercise you can perform is called The Gulping Exercise. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by placing your hand under your chin, wide open, at the base of your throat. Push upwards to extend your chin toward the ceiling and then stick out your bottom lip (as if you were a gulping fish).
  2. Next, slide your hand down your neck to the collar bone while continuing to stretch your chin upwards towards the ceiling. Like a fish, make 10 gulping movements with your mouth. You’ll feel the stretch in your neck area, and down to your chest, with each gulp.
  3. Repeat this exercise five times, remembering to keep your chin extended to the ceiling throughout the process.

View the video below for a few more exercises you can incorporate:

If you don’t want to spend money on a topical cream or expensive botox treatments, these are easy things you can add to your routine while sitting at home, stuck in traffic, anywhere you’re sitting idle. Consistent practice of these exercises will leave your skin looking tighter and younger in just a few short weeks, with more permanent and visible results seen with extended practice.