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Estee Lauder Resilience

Our neck and chest skin can start losing its shape and elasticity as we age, even more than our face. Know why? We tend to take care of our faces more than we get worried about our neck and other body parts. Why hide the signs of aging only on the face when you have best at hand to help improve your neck and chest skin?

While women start aging 30 onwards, men do too. For this reason, Estee Lauder has introduced a neck cream men can also use and hide the sagginess of their neck and eliminate dark spots and open pores, mostly due to shaving.

The Estee Lauder Resilience Neck Cream Review

This outstanding neck cream is getting the spotlight in the market as it caters to men’s needs as well. It helps firm up the neck skin like none other. While men start noticing large open pores on their cheeks, jaw line and neck due to excessive shaving, by applying this cream, they can help reduce them miraculously.

Moreover, this neck cream aids in firming the skin, helping eliminate signs of skin sagginess and improving its elasticity. Worried about fine lines and dark spots? This neck cream caters to them too!

While it is a great overnight cream which revitalizes skin cells at a micro level, it is also great for using under makeup. Women can enjoy using this cream as it lasts longer, unlike other creams available in the market. All you need is a pea sized amount for your face and likewise for the neck and chest. Voila! You will start noticing results with each use. As it has SPF 15, it is perfect for daytime use too.


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Customer Reviews:

Estee Lauder is a high end brand which is loved by many and hence this firming cream gained the expected recognition easily. A lot of customers purchased it due to the word of mouth and experienced skin firming within weeks, however we recommend this product above all others for your neck.