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Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Review

The Resilience Lift series from Estée Lauder presents a number of products for use around the eyes, face, neck, and chest. Most of the products are for use independently from one another, not in conjunction, although one of them is for the eyes and there are also other products from iconic cosmetic company Estée Lauder on the roster which should be used with these anti-aging compounds.

Is Estée Lauder an Anti-Aging Expert?

The background of this company suggests that its founder did not have a strong knowledge of cosmetics but that she surrounded herself with people who did. Today’s industry experts, however, rely on chemists and researchers interested in the big industry of finding natural extracts to help women look their best.

The company is not among leaders in anti-aging as much as cosmetics more generally such as moisturizing creams and make-up, but the name brings with it the legitimacy of a long-running brand that has been favored by royalty and celebrities for generations.

The Successful Resilience Lift Line

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift

Try a firming and sculpting product for the face and neck with or without SPF 15, an amount of UV protection able to deter UV rays from doing damage if exposure is limited. There is an oil-free version, a lotion, a crème, and also a product to reduce lines around the eyes.

Prices for these products in their jars and bottles range from $70 to $100 although if you find a good deal on internet retail page, just check the date. Many of the components are natural plants like Plankton and Mimosa which do not last forever.

What Does Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Do for Clients?

One should be able to apply these products only once every day to enjoy 24-hour moisturizing, reduce the signs of fine lines, tone and contour the skin, and generally give it that clean and healthy look skin tends to lack as women age. More than 90% of clients say they experienced these effects after no more than a month which is a high rate of return leading to an almost five-star customer rating.

It’s their voice that matters most, and if you’re spending $100 to $200 on anti-aging products combined every month or so plus other supplements and make-up to help you look and feel your best, you want products to do their job.

More about the Ingredients

Product descriptions are somewhat sparse and only mention benefits like anti-oxidants for cellular health and repair, plus moisturizing for dry skin. Look further and you find minerals, plankton, and other natural materials.

Some sources say their benefits are dubious. Others are confident women will really benefit from these components. If the skin will absorb everything, they will definitely do something good. But it’s what women think that matters and they love this brand.

Estée Lauder reports that the calming scent of their products (if they are scented as there is a scent-free version) is also good for helping women sleep. A good night’s rest does as much for skin as creams and lotions, so if you want these products to really work, make sure you sleep well.

Also, you could avoid spending some money by increasing how much water you drink, decreasing caffeine and alcohol, quitting cigarettes, and staying out of the sun.

The Routine

Use Resilience Lift products every night, applying a small amount and massaging them in. These should be added to your skin after putting on a Repair Serum also sold by Estée Lauder to support healthy skin down to the cellular level.

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