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Delfogo Neck Cream Vs. Skin Pro Neck Firming Cream

So we’ve been testing neck creams over time to find out which product is the absolute best at firming and tightening.

After all, that’s what these decollete products are for, right? 

Along with hydration, wrinkle reduction, and overall skin rejuvenation, tightening and firming of aging, sagging skin is the exact reason we use neck firming agents.

If you take a look at the products in this category for sale at Amazon.com, which in our opinion, is the measuring stick for quality since it has such a massive customer base and every manufacturer i at risk of getting reviews – good, bad, or ugly – so they must bring their “A game.”

Over the last year we’ve kept a keen eye on the customer feedback of every product we test on this website.  Two of them that received our highest ratings continuously remain in the top sellers on Amazon.com.  Today we’ll compare and contrast them so you can have an idea of which one will work for you.

Neck Cream Comparison

Let’s start with links to our full product reviews, prior to getting into our analysis.

You can read those reviews individually, but know that both products are highly recommended so today we’ll share with you our thoughts on which one is best for you.

Skin Pro Neck Firming Cream vs. DelfogoRx V-Covery

We’ll start off with a few of the most important points for comparison here and with each one, share with you our thoughts on pro’s and con’s.

#1 : Ingredients

This is the first thing we look at when we test any skin cream.  Usually any cheap neck firming lotion priced under $20 is a budget or drug store product that lacks any decent amounts of ingredients that will actually do anything for your skin.  Avoid these unless you are looking to waste money – you are probably better off with just moisturizer.  Save up for a cream that actually works.

DelfogoRx V-Covery Cream

The brand DelfogoRx has been making marquee skin care products for almost nine years.  Perhaps best known for their focus on anti aging products, the brand has grown to 28 products that attack the numerous signs of aging.  They felt that formulating specialized creams and serums was a laser targeted approach to resonating with customer’s needs.  Based on their success, it’s hard to argue with that thought process.

It’s hard to miss the big peptide ingredients that so many of the top anti aging creams feature.  This product spares no detail in using some of the best stuff science has available in 2017.

  • Matrixyl®300
  • Relistase™
  • Serilescine®

The Matrixyl 3000 ingredient alone would far surpass what most neck creams offer, but the addition of the other two peptides ensure that rebuilding and producing the collagen under the skin is the primary purpose of this product. 

The DelfogoRx V-covery

Also found in this product are squalane, which is an oil that is naturally produced in your body.  It’ll bring moisture and balance your skin’s oils.  You’ll also find hyaluronic acid, which is a key ingredient in many of the best selling anti aging creams.  This is used to help restore youth to your skin and bring back that supple, more elastic look.

Teprenone is an ingredient that doesn’t get talked about enough. It combats dehydration in the skin, redness (which is very common in this area of skin), skin texture, and pore size.  This also will help stave off and reduce the visual appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles in the skin.  This very important ingredient helps with telomere life, which is one of the hottest topics in skin care.  In fact, there are specialized DNA creams focusing on telomere aging so the fact that this neck cream features teprenone shows the forward thinking of the scientists at DelfogoRx.

Peptides?  Check.

Natural Ingredients?  Check.

Made in the USA?  Check.

Solid peer reviews on Amazon and other sites?  Check.

This product is a winner for so many reasons.

Buy On Amazon —->  Lowest Price.

Now, it wouldn’t be fair to not highlight the other product we have had so much success with (in addition to many other people, according to Amazon.com) so we’ll get right into reasons why the Skin Pro Neck firming cream is getting talked about so much.

The Skin Pro Neck Firming Cream

Skin Pro Bottles

The slick packaging of the Neck Firming Cream by Skin Pro is turning heads and earning fans very quickly.

The one constant you’ll see with these two powerhouse products is that they both feature peptides that are proven to help reduce wrinkle appearance. When you look at the ingredient deck for this product, one that that stands out is Argireline.  (You’ll see it on the label by it’s INCI (legal) name of Aceytyl Hexapeptide 8.)  This has been called the best alternative to Botox, and it’s also been the subject of an entire Dr. Oz. Show.  Need we say more?

In addition to Argireline, you’ll see the aforementioned Matrixyl 3000, which we talked about in the DelfogoRx commentary.  So there you have two rock solid peptides as the foundation for this product, which is a newer product released by SkinPro in 2016.


Key ingredients include Argireline and Retinol.

Now, the big thing you’ll see about this product is that it features Retinol.

This is EXTREMELY important to know because if you have sensitive skin, Retinol can cause problems.  Odds are, you’ll be fine – but it’s worth pointing that out because being a skin care junkie for so long, I have seen many people find that creams with Retinol can be too strong for them and they end up having a bad experience.

If you find yourself looking for an edgy product that works, and you know your skin can handle the Retinol, buy this cream here.

If you are unsure, or simply want a cream that you know will lift and tighten your neck and take years potentially off your appearance, go with the DelfogoRx product.

You’ll also find Marine Collagen and squalane in this product.  The packaging is top notch and we found the dispenser easy to use.  Some would claim this is more sanitary than putting your hand in the jar like in the other product, but to each their own.

Buy On Amazon —-> Lowest Price.

That’s our take on the top two neck products we’ve tried this year.  Feel free to leave a comment if you try either one.