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Causes of Skin on Your Neck Turning Darker

By Admin / February 21, 2017

If you are used to seeing yourself in a small hand held mirror, it is time to switch to a bigger one which shows the bigger picture! Not only will it reveal the truth about your neck skin darkening but will also reveal how your neck appears when compared to the flawless, made-up face!

A lot of people suffer from acanthosis nigricans, known as skin darkening in layman’s words and this is caused by hyper pigmentation across the folds and tucks of our body.
It is surely not contagious and is mostly caused because of zero moisturization and not taking care of the skin properly. Mostly it appears on the folds of the neck, back of the neck, etc.

If you want to know the major reasons for this issue and how to deal with it, take a look below.

Excessive Use of Makeup Products

Applying makeup is what every girl does but do you also remove it properly? Some women tend to sleep with their makeup on overnight and consider it safe. The makeup not only gets absorbed by the body but also expires on the face and neck overnight. Hence, it is ideal to remove makeup as soon as possible, with the help of a makeup remover.
While you apply excessive translucent powder on your neck to compliment your facial skin, take extra care to remove it gently when you decide to wash it all off.

Less Exfoliation and Masks

While your focal point is your face, your neck should be a part of your cleansing routine as well. Neck skin contacts with environmental pollutants, harsh sun rays and make up products, hence requires weekly exfoliation.

Exfoliate your neck and back of the neck with slow, clockwise and anti-clockwise movements and help relax your skin. Wash the scrub off gently and apply the best skin tightening mask.

Choose a mask with tea tree oil, cucumber or egg. In case you do not find the ideal one, create your own at home with egg whites, honey, yogurt and lemon.

Zero Use of Neck Creams

The range of beauty products are increasing by the day in the markets and necks creams need no introduction. Whereas we purchase high quality creams and lotions for our hands and face, we need to invest in proper neck creams too.

Neck skin darkening can be tackled properly with the help of a neck cream which focuses on diminishing dark spots and removes dry skin layers. Choose a neck cream with a less shelf life as it will be organic and make sure it has sesaflash as its main ingredients. Sesaflash helps remove dark spots, dark skin layers and helps enhance the skin to reach a single tone at a micro level.

How to Apply a Neck Cream?

Rinse off your face and neck with Luke warm water and pat dry. Massage in neck lotion with a slow hand, upward movements and let the product be absorbed properly overnight.

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