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By Admin / January 26, 2017

As you get older, aging is inevitable and there is no place that shows more than in your face and your neck area. As we age, we develop what is called crepey skin on our necks, which is just another way of saying that the skin has become loose, saggy and wrinkled.

This is because as we age the production of collagen and elastin in our skin is reduced. These are important components in healthy, taut skin as they hold to together the connecting fibers and tissues deep in the skin’s layers. With lower production of these, sagging skin is the result.

Crepey neck skin can also be due to improper care of the skin, especially not enough moisturizing, as well as not cleansing the skin, and years of outside elements such as the sun’s rays and external pollutants can take a toll on the health of the skin.

how to get rid of crepey neck with cream

Luckily there are many ways that you can take care of the crepey skin on your neck, and it really is not that hard to achieve if you have the right information. Some people swear by doing exercises to treat loose skin on the neck. These can be beneficial, as they strengthen the muscles under the skin in this area.

However, the external surface of the skin is forgotten and untreated when just doing exercises, so it is important to use a topical cream to restore health to the skin’s layers and restore its firmness and shine.

One such product that we highly recommend on this site is the Neck Firming Cream from SkinPro, one of our favorite makers of anti-aging skin care products such as Elite Serum Rx.

Products to Treat Crepey Neck

Skin Pro Bottles

The slick packaging of the Neck Firming Cream by Skin Pro is turning heads and earning fans very quickly.

They have taken the same science behind their industry leading eye serum and formulated it specifically for the neck area with their Neck Firming Cream that is the leader in its category with customers exclaiming that it is better than Botox.

Important:  This product contains retinol.  If your skin does NOT agree with retinol, move onto the peptide rich Delfogo neck cream.  (Pictured below.)

The DelfogoRx V-covery

The secret behind the effectiveness of this neck cream lies in its formulation, packed with the most powerful active ingredients that make it a strong anti aging product. The main active ingredient is Argirelene, which is a common name you’ll see a lot in the skin care industry and for good reason. It is a peptide complex that is similar to Botox and is extremely effective in eradicating wrinkles by lessening muscle tension, leading to less stress on the skin.

It also has Matrixyl 3000 which is a known booster of collagen production in the skin at the cellular level. As talked about above, collagen is very important in keeping the skin cells firm and plump, which fills in fine lines and crevasses that form at the skin’s surface.

In addition to those two main ingredients, it also has Retinol (which nourishes the skin and restores a shine), as well as Marine Collagen (reduces inflammation), and Squalane (moisturizes the skin and protects it from harmful outside elements) to round out the perfect anti aging formula.

We love what SkinPro has done with their Neck Firming Cream and strongly believe it is the best solution for getting rid of your crepey neck. You can find it online at at a great value and your younger-looking skin will thank you for it!.

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