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By Admin / September 26, 2017

Algenist is redefining the beautiful science behind skin care products by providing some of the most powerful and effective skin care products in the world. With the help of QVC, the brand is revolutionizing the beauty industry with products that are not only effective, but are also innovative in the anti-aging products category.  You won’t find these in the local corner store.

The brand has designed many products that are helping women all over the world improve their beauty and increase their confidence by ridding signs of aging.

What to Know About the Algenist Products

When you dig the history behind Algenist, you’ll be surprised to know that its roots are in the biotechnology industry. The interest for developing skin care products started when the scientists in the company started studying microalgae in search of alternative and renewable sources. They surprisingly discovered that microalgae had a secret naturally occurring compound that would change the anti-aging industry forever. The compound they found was the alguronic acid, which indeed has proven to be a redefining ingredient now being used in nearly all of Algenist products.

The Algenist Lineup

Alguronic acid is patented and unique compound that was taken from microalgae and has proven to play a key role in anti-aging skin products by the company. Whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your skin by ridding of wrinkles, or in search of a serum to remove fine lines from around your eyes, you’ll find that the brand’s popular products have every solution available in a bottle, jar or tube.

Algenist formed a partnership with QVC to bring some of its best products on the website. Algenist on QVC now lists as many as 86 different products that cater for nearly every need of the skin. The best thing is that their breakthrough products keep coming in. They have now introduced brand new products that are even further revolutionizing the skin care product industry by bringing in microalgae oil. This oil is made of phytosterols, oleic and tocopherol. This is a patent-pending and unique compound obtained from microalgae and it has become another key player in many of the anti aging products by the company.

Buying Algenist products from QVC is the best way to obtain the products of the company. One of the many reasons why you should choose to shop for Algenist products on QVC is the fact that they are offering many discounts on the products that are offered nowhere else. Plus they also guarantee that you’ll get your money back if the product isn’t satisfactory.

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