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Algenist Firming & Lifting Cream Review

The anti-aging business is a billion-dollar industry. Men and women, but especially women past 40, are willing to do almost anything to regain the youthful good looks they are starting to lose and to fight aging with surgery, needles, and extreme diets.

There is no need; science has found a gentler answer. It comes from plants plus a number of ingredients commonly found in skin creams and cosmetics. Algenist sells a number of them, but we will focus on the neck area.

Firming & Lifting Neck Cream by Algenist

Algenist Firming & Lifting Neck Cream

What do you miss most — that glow of vigor and strength? Maybe you want to reduce lines and wrinkles. Perhaps skin in the neck area is flabby even though you work out and eat well. Skin is too soft and it’s dry too.

These are all possible issues a woman will encounter more and more as she enters the post-40 years, but particularly after 60 around the neck, and often as a result of genetics. It’s nothing to do with food or exercise.

Don’t beat yourself up, go on a diet, or add a half hour to your daily exercise routine. Stop before you call a plastic surgeon to have that skin snipped and pulled tight at a heady cost followed by extensive healing, pain, and time off work. Head to the cosmetics counter at the nearest department store or go online for a look at what $26 to $118 will buy you.

The lower of these figures buys a small tub of Algenist Firming & Lifting Neck Cream, a great introductory size at an affordable price. An intermediate size costs $94 and $118 pays for the largest format. Arrange for automatic shipments and pay less.

Once you start you wouldn’t want to stop using this formula which softens skin and makes it smooth, gives it strength, and lets cells do what they were meant to do: repair themselves. What you are really doing is triggering a natural response in your skin.

About Algenist

This particular product employs alguronic acid and ProPeptides³ to achieve lifting results and combat age-related sagging. Primary ingredients were derived from microalgae as a result of scientific research into something else entirely.

In fact, the entire Algenist line is a fluke. Researchers were exploring other ways to use microalgae in the field of renewable energy when they realized that microalgae are able to sustain and repair themselves.

Was it possible that, when applied to human skin, this cell could encourage similar regrowth and restoration in facial cells? Trials and tests were undertaken, an easy task for a San Francisco biotech company. Their researchers proved that this particular form of algae could, indeed, help facial skin get back to its younger looking self.

More from Algenist

If you appreciate results in the area of your neck and décolleté, try Algenist’s related products. They include Retinol Firming and Lifting Cream for your entire face. One should not apply the neck cream to her entire face as it was not made for that purpose but should use specific products as instructed to achieve the best results.


It’s not unusual for a person’s face to react to creams, gels, and serums because of allergies. If you are unable to use this product there are lots of other brands and blends. Their formulae are proprietary and they utilize many different plant extracts your skin could possibly tolerate better.

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