Neck Creams and Why They Are Vital

There are literally thousands of skin products for sale today that promise to turn back the clock on signs of aging. One product that I’ve found absolutely overlooked is a neck tightening cream. This website was founded to create awareness for one of the most overlooked anti aging creams that should be in everyone’s skin care routine, the glorious NECK CREAM.

According to a recent study by the Huffington Post, the neck area is among the top four areas of our body that reveals our age first. (It ranked #4 behind the hands, face, and eyelids.)

There are many horror stories of the ways our neck ages so rapidly, almost without any warning signs. If you take away one thing from my blog and research, please take away this info:

The Skin Is Thinner in This Area Than It Is on Your Face

Just feel your skin for yourself once. You’ll see how factual this statement really is. Our cheeks are supple, firm, and thick, while our decollete area thins out over time.

Also, it’s worth knowing:

The Skin Tissue Here Is Weaker Than It Is on Your Face

The abuse our skin takes from the sun, as well as vitamin depletion, really causes it to show the aging much more rapidly in comparison to other parts of the body.

Even Sleep Habits Can Cause Wrinkles in This Area

When you sleep on your side, you can actually damage your skin! The weight that is leveraged on your chest and breasts (in women) causes fine lines to form, just like expression wrinkles form on our face. This leads to chest wrinkles.

You can use a number of preventative measures to help yourself age more gracefully, starting with using any products you use on your face and applying them to the neck area. Just make sure you start doing this early on and BEFORE your skin has had the chance to start sagging and becoming frail. However, as things have it, most people didn’t come across this information until it was much too late. For those of you looking for an answer to aging, sagging skin, other than invasive and painful treatments, you must look to a tightening cream for the neck.

The Most Common Neck Line Problems

#1: Turkey Neck

Visit this page for pictures and a full description of this symptom. You’ll see pictures of this horrifically titled sign of aging that many people suffer from, yet fail to properly address and treat. This ugly term literally refers to the way the skin on our necks can look if they are unhealthy and flailing around like a gobbler on a wild turkey.

Pics of Turkey Neck

The photo on the left shows "turkey neck." On the right, the problem is corrected.

As our skin ages, it becomes very frail. Just like the skin on our face becomes thin, wrinkled, and less supple, the same happens for the skin on our neck and upper chest area. In fact, it happens more aggressively! Chest and neck wrinkling can be seen on adults of younger ages if they were prone to a lot of sun exposure growing up. As we all know, the sun takes a serious toll on our skin over time. If you grew up in a State where the sun shines most of the year, you definitely see this happen to your skin.

A very serious problem among most of us is that while we have no problem lathering sunblock on our face, arms, and legs, we often forget to apply sunblock on our upper chest and under the chin. If you ever wear V-neck shirts and then go out in the sun, you’ve probably noticed that you show much more color (redness) around your decollete when compared to the rest of your body. It sounds very trivial, and it’s an easy action to take to prevent aging skin in this area, but most people simply don’t take care of their necks in the same fashion that they do their faces!

One way to gauge this is to look in the mirror. I will bet that the majority of you reading this website have gorgeous skin on your face, but it progressively becomes worse looking as you look down to your neck area. Often times, you can tell someone’s true age by looking at their necks. However, fear no more, because there is a solution for this problem!

#2: Sagging Skin on the Neck

This can happen for many reasons. One of the most primary reasons is because of fluctuations in weight. When you gain weight, the face and neck is one of the first places to store fat. When weight is subsequently lost, the skin has already been stretched in that area, making it loose, which leads to a sagging look. Sagging skin is a VERY hard thing to entirely cure, especially if you want to avoid any invasive surgeries or expensive treatments.

Sagging Skin

In the first photo, there is a clear image of sagging skin. In the photo on the right, the skin is tighter, and more healthy looking.

So What is the Solution for Curing These Awful Signs of Aging on the Neck?

There is a non-invasive solution that can help correct turkey neck and firm the skin that sags from the jaw and on the neck. The solution I’ve found to be budget friendly, long term, and non-invasive is to apply a firming cream for the neck twice daily. I’ve tried and tested many neck aging creams, and this site shares my research as well as reviews of dozens of products.

Which Neck Cream Products Work?

There are many products out there claiming to be the top neck cream for firming and tightening aging skin. The fact is, the products today are only as good as the ingredients inside of them.

If you were to go out and make a perfect anti aging solution in a bottle, something that didn’t hurt, smelled pleasant, and actually worked therapeutically, what would it have inside?

  • First, you’d need an anti wrinkle component.

Something with strong clinical data and studies that show it’s as potent as anything else for sale on the market.

For this reason, you need to look for high powered peptides, like Matrixyl 3000 and Argireline.

  • Second, you would need to see a solid deck of consumer reviews.

I perused when set up this site, and focused on the top 50 selling firming creams for the neck and chest. Out of these, I started to try and test them based on the longevity of being for sale as well as the consumer reviews left publicly. I also tried to avoid the cheap drugstore products that are mostly water based with little added to it. I focus on creams with peptides because they come with laboratory studies proving their efficacy. Nothing against aloe vera and other natural methods of stopping aging, but I like to use cutting edge products.

Looking for a recommendation?

Of course, your mileage may vary. We all have different skin types and react differently to various applications and ingredients. Some people (myself included) can tolerate retinol creams, while others can’t.

I created this site to help the average consumer get real, detailed research on the most highly talked about neck firming creams for sale.

Again, I’m a fiend for finding consumer reviews, have a full inner circle of trusty test subjects, and of course, I use many of them on my own problem areas on the neck. If you ever have any questions, or just want advice, please contact me as I’m very approachable.

A full break down of the top selling neck creams by category is on this page below:


I also cross reference the Better Business Bureau and point out any disturbing complaints about companies doing unethical business.